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A Special Treat for Your Home Yoga Practice

Every Friday Spirit Voyage has “Free Music Fridays”.  This Friday they opened up their new ebook store and included a free ebook and a collection of 6 mp3s to go with it.  The book and music collection are called “Yoga and Mantras for a Whole Heart”.   I would definitely recommend signing up for Spirit Voyage asap, because Free Music Friday deals end in a few days.


You will soon have a great collection of free music for your sadhana or home yoga practice…plus an ebook all about mantras.

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Sadhana Share Sunday


Sadhana (Photo credit: Roshnii)


What did your Sadhana look like today or this week?

What theme are you exploring or what are you gleaning from your practice in your daily explorations?

Can you show your sadhana space, music or mantra?

If you’re teaching sadhana or doing sadhana with others what is the dynamic like?

Even better what did you eat before, during or after sadhana(especially if fruity!)

I’d love to know.

~~Sat Nam

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Describing Kundalini Yoga, Pt. 1


Meditation (Photo credit: Gurumustuk Singh)


There’s a reason Kundalini yogis don’t usually go the easy route and just say “I practice or teach yoga”. I mean, I’m sure some of us do from time to time, especially when tired, but when we’re on we know we absolutely have to tell the whole truth and that is that we practice Kundalini Yoga.


Modern ideas of yoga can be very limited when Kundalini yoga is so diverse and different from what many yoga practitioners experience in their gyms, community centers and Yoga centers. From what I’ve seen Kundalini yoga is usually practiced in more spiritually minded centers and in studios owned by Kundalini yogis themselves.


Of course it is also practiced in schools, prisons, hospitals, in homes and parks. You can even occasionally find Kundalini yoga in a gym or yoga studio that offers different types of yoga. But I really want to explain what sets Kundalini Yoga apart.


My daughter was an accomplished yoga teacher before she was 2 years old. She led a room full of adult yogis on a regular basis…she knows her Kundalini. So today when she was showing some impromptu yoga to my teenaged cousin my cousin doubted that what she was doing was actually yoga. “I thought yoga was quiet”. My cousin said. “Not our kinda yoga.” I responded. But I don’t know if she understood that I wasn’t talking about my daughters personal brand of spontaneous yoga or a strong lineage of the Kundalini Yoga community.


Another time she saw my daughter doing self-professed yoga and responded “that’s not yoga, it’s just running around.”  I explained to her that sometimes in Kundalini Yoga we run around in circles.  Later she saw my youngest daughter doing breath of fire and questioned, “what are you doing?  Oh, you’re doing yoga?”  She’s starting to get it.  I taught my cousin a KYoga class once, but it was just a beginner’s Spinal Kriya.


So what exactly is Kundalini Yoga and what sets it apart from other types of yoga?  Well Kundalini Yoga is not the only type of yoga that is mind, body dynamic, but in my experience it is the only one that works as fast as it does.  Kundalini Yoga is breath-centric.  We don’t just breathe deeply…we breathe in completely, extending the breath and do the same with exhales.  We focus our breath on our mudras, or internally, we use only nostril breathing, alternate nostril breathing, and different techniques of using the tongue to manipulate our breath.  Most well-known is breath of fire.  A type of pranayama that has been insultingly described as hyperventilating, but actually expands the breath capacity and is focused in the belly, rather than the chest, it feels freeing rather than restricting.


There are so many aspects to Kundalini Yoga that I cannot write in just one blog post.  But most important to the practice is breath of fire.  You could practice breath of fire in bed, in the car, while walking, while dancing, in the shower, or you could sit down, with legs crossed for 11 minutes everyday to practice it and you will get joyful results.   If you start with the breath it will take you places and that is where I will end this first introduction to Kundalini Yoga.   I will return with the other aspects shortly.

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Kundalini Yoga Music Picks


taki-gyo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Practicing kundalini yoga at home can be a delicate practice.  Especially if you are not living alone.  Music is important, especially during sadhana.  This morning I discovered a new favorite and I blissed out to a tried and true classic.  I think these two could make up a pretty diverse session.  I listened to a few others during my sadhana and focused on chanting.

This is great for a warm-up or active kriya.

This is great for slower-paced kriyas, meditations, pranayama and deep relaxation.

I also like to choose chants that my 4-year-old can sing to and Ek Ong Kar is easy and pleasing.  It also produces those tingly sensations that I love so much about Sadhana.  A great start to any day!

This morning: Spinal Kriya & So Purkh

Kitten trataka

Kitten trataka (Photo credit: ideowl)

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~~Sat Nam

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