Fruitfull Yoga

For yoga teachers, yoga teachers to be and other healers and aspiring healers and teachers, to create nourishing work for themselves and to nourish their own health and personal lives through yogic living, personal development, natural health and spiritual practice.

Fruitfull Yoga is a nutrition, fitness and personal development program for those who are suffering from illness, obesity, allergies, fatigue or who want to be leaders in their lives through the maintenance of supreme health.

You can sign up for a free version of the program here: Select Spiritual Nutrition or pick your own payment for the first month here: Sacred Nourishment

If you decide to stick with the program you’ll have the opportunity to go on to the next level after 2 months of commitment and participation.


2 thoughts on “Fruitfull Yoga

  1. Mickey Fernandez

    I would love to try this… i have had problems since i stopped smoking… 301 days ago… the weight has been creeping up little by little… i have now gained a total of 34 pounds since Sept of last year… is there a sample meal plan…that i could follow? and are grains included… grains like quinoa… or jasmine rice..?

    • Congrats on quitting!!! Yes, if you sign up for the newsletter I can send you a sample meal plan. Grains are included, you have many choices…I give you options, encouragement, education and help you to make informed decisions that work for you.

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