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The Transformation of Sound


It’s been really busy lately.  One of the things I find really helps me to stay balanced or achieve renewed balance is positive sound vibrations in my life.  The sound of laughter and kindness, nature sounds, healing music and mantra.   This video really struck me because I remember the first few times I did Kundalini Yoga and how the chanting made such a big impact on me.  The first time I did it I was very quiet and self-conscious, but when I opened my mind and let go of my fear the next few times…I was transformed.  Actually the first time I had an open mind about it was extremely healing and surprising.  I never expected the power of mantra to work so fast and so profoundly.  It continues to do so on deeper and deeper levels.

Another thing that really helps me is good food.  For me that’s low-fat vegan food and I find it is very healing and comforting to eat really well, especially high-carb meals.  Comfort foods can be transformed into healthier versions pretty easier, without losing any deliciousness. It goes with a yoga lifestyle perfectly well.  So, if you don’t know we’re doing weekly health challenges at Fruitalini Fit and you can still join.  Click on the link under the video to sign up for the emails.  Here’s a cool high-carb vegan meal tutorial to check out:


~Sat Nam

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The Fruitalini Fit Program

Fruit- and vegetable-shaped marzipan.

Fruitalini Fit for Overweight and Un-energetic people:

The Fruitalini Fit Program for Overweight and Low energy people consists of large quantities of Fruits and Vegetables, passionate play and getting enough sleep to recover from the previous days activities.  Why large quantities of Fruits and Vegetables? Fruits and vegetables are some of the most nutritious foods for us to eat. Consuming most of the days calories from fruits and veggies help us stay away from the junk people normally eat.  Doing exercise you love (or passionate play) is important for overall fitness, but how do you know what exercise you love doing? If you don’t already know that we will help you find a balanced and interesting exercise routine on the Fruitalini Fit Program. If you have motivation problems, finding out your favorite exercises helps a lot.  When it feels like play, you will want to do it!

A lack of sleep contributes to confusion, lack of focus and other stresses that people suffer from. Getting enough sleep is essential for our overall health, but what does enough mean? What we would like for people to do is experiment with different sleeping times, being aware of how they feel and come to a natural understanding of when to sleep and how much sleep they need. With our help, you’ll be able to gain awareness of different effects of sleep on your life, different sleep techniques and wake up without an alarm.  The Fruitalini Fit Program will offer recipes to help people who aren’t used to eating large quantities of fruits and vegetables. We will help people find out exactly what food and how much of it they should be buying. We will work with our clients to find out rather they should be buying from a wholesale produce place or rather they should be buying from a nearby farm or farmer’s market instead.  Notice we didn’t say grocery store.
So who is the Fruitalini Fit Program for? The Fruitalini Fit Program is for people who are overweight people, it is for people who might not be overweight but who feel un-energetic a large part of their day, it is for people who are frequently sick. So if you are 1, 2 or 3 of those, then this program is obviously for you.
Who is this program not for? This program is not for ultra-energetic, extremely fit people who never get sick, obviously.
Before the program there will be a free consultation where we talk with you about your health goals to make sure we are a good fit, get it? 😉
To sign up for the program prepare to invest $50. We’ll send your survey and schedule a consultation with you right away. Not sure if you’re interested?  No problem, you’ll get a free intro e-course if you sign up here:
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Kundalini Yoga and Fruit-Lover Events August 2013

The end of summer is nearing, that almost always means a ton of workshops, festivals and retreats will be taking place and that’s no exception in either the Kundalini Yoga world or the Fruit-based nutrition world.

Want fruit, fitness and fest-goers?  Check these out:

Aug. 18-25 is when the Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York starts.  You don’t have to attend for the whole festival and if you can’t attend at all, maybe you can attend the post-fest party on August 28th…here is a link for more information…Aimee and Chris are kinda my faves in the raw fruity world!

Sept. 1-7 Then there is the Raw Fruit Festival in Spain in September, this is a festival on the farm site, with camping, tons of fruit and fitness and outdoor activities.

Sept. 15- 22– Strength, Health and Fitness Week with Dr. Doug Graham in Washington state in September.


So you want yoga events?…Here’s a few choices:

Aug. 19-28 Brazil Yoga, Music and Eco-Adventure Retreat:  I can’t do a better explanation than this:

Aug. 30- Sept. 2 Yoga Hoedown in New Lebanon, NY  music festival and yoga retreat in one

August 30-Sept. 2 Ecstatic Chant, Rhineback, NY With Snatam Kaur, Krishna Das, Ram Dass and many others

Sept. 5-8 Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree, CA  A Yogic music festival with lots of chanting music.

Sept. 19-22 Pranafest Ashland, Oregon Sept. 20-28 Into The Mystic: Yoga, Music and Irish Culture , Westcove House, Castlecove, Kerry Ireland

Sept. 26-29  Sat Nam Fest East, Waynesboro, PA:: A Kundalini Yoga and music festival…if you can’t go during this time you can also try for the Sat Nam Fest party on Aug. 18th in New York City

Sept. 23-26 Liquidland Festival, Jalisco, Mexico

…and in a non-festival, but equally awesome right… on Sept. 1st there will be a concert with Nirinjan Kaur in Sacramento, CA!

If you’re really fast you can register for the Y.O.G.A for Youth Teacher Training, if you can be in the L.A. area right now:




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Menu Plan Monday

This is actually an old menu plan that I didn’t post back in April when I was traveling.  Right now I can say I’m eating mostly bananas, then bananas w/ frozen fruit in smoothie form and then sometimes the same thing for dinner or either rice noodles, vegan homemade pizza, potatoes w/ okra, rice w/ okra, green salad, etc.  Breakfast might also be datorade, watermelon or some fruit salad combo w/ peaches & plums.  Tonight I made a quinoa dish for dinner and ate smoothies all day before that.

Fruitarian raw vegan salad

Fruit salad made in April 2013.

Grocery List for this week:  Bananas, dates, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes, oranges or pears or berries(whatever can be found), apples, avocado, pineapple, coconut water, carrots, raisins.

Sunday: Breakfast: Banana icecream  Lunch: Salad w/ hemp seeds & citrus & raisin Dinner: beet/cabbage slaw & rice salad w/ citrus & pineapple

Monday:  Breakfast: banana icecream  Lunch: Salad w/ nuts & grapefruit & berries Dinner: cinnamon raisin rice  & beet/cabbage slaw

Tuesday: Breakfast: Banana icecream Lunch: Pine nut hummus w/ tomato/citrus maybe tahini Dinner: Rice in lettuce wraps w/ tomatoes & cooked veg soup (beets, carrots, zucchini)

Wednesday: Breakfast: Bananas & citrus Lunch: Grab & go snackies  Dinner: Potatoes & curry salad

Thursday: Fruit salad Lunch: Dates stuffed with berries & bananas in coconut water Dinner: Curry rice in lettuce wraps

Friday: Bananas in coco water Lunch: Pineapple/fruit in lettuce Dinner: bell peppers stuffed w/ berries & guac & cuke chips

Saturday: banana berry icecream  Lunch: Green salad w/citrus/hemp Dinner: Potatoes & cuke/tomato/citrus salad

Sunday: Mono fruit of choice Lunch: Dates & berries & mint Dinner: apple/cashew butter “sandwiches” Dinner 2: pasta salad


This is where you can check out more menu plans(tons more):

Watermelon menu link-up

Summer Menu Plan Monday

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